KINE Launches Zero-Fee Trading for All DeFi Users!
Dear all users, partners and community members:
To guide more people trade, learn and earn from DeFi, KINE has decided to introduce Zero-Fee Trading for all users on BTCÐ trading pairs from 2022–08–08 11:00 (UTC).
Validity Period: 2022–08–08 11:00 (UTC) until further notice
Event Rules:
During the validity period, all qualified users will enjoy zero fees for BTC/UDST & ETH/USDT margin (leverage) trading up to 100x.
Zero-Fee Trading applies to all users across 4 chains: ETH, BNB Chain, Polygon & Avalanche.
Both regular trading and copy trading users can participate.
1.What are qualified users for this event?
Wallet users on all 4 supported chains (ETH, BNB Chain, Polygon & Avalanche) during the validity period. Please note that email / mobile registered users are not qualified.
*Haven’t connected your wallet yet? https://www.kine.vc/
2. If I have registered with email or mobile before, can I participate in the event?
Yes, as long as you choose the way to connect your wallet during the validity period. (Refer to FAQ 1)
*Start earning now
3. How about referrer and referee during the event?
While the original referral program and commission standards will not change(https://medium.com/@KineProtocol/kine-referral-program-3699a8188706), please note that if your referrer qualified with the zero-fee event rules, you will not receive this part of the commission. Also, the Ladder Referral Program is upcoming, stay tuned!
Thanks for your support all along!
Kine Protocol Team
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· Discord: discord.gg/KeFMGVz6DN
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